Anti Seize Lubricant

Lanogreen supplies a range of industrial lubricants and anti-seize. Lanotec anti-seize lubricants are based on lanolin, a naturally derived substance from woolgrease. Type A Grease is pure industrial grade lanolin, and our Liquid Lanolin products and Wire Rope Lube are liquefied versions of lanolin to aid in application and penetration. Resistant to moisture, salt and acids, the main causes of corrosion, Lanotec lubricants do not wash off, even with a high-pressure hose! This allows for continuous lubrication in environments where other lubricants may wash off.

Lanotec lubricants are food grade certified, non-toxic and biodegradable, so can be used in applications where there are environmental & OH&S concerns. They are also non-perishing to rubber, so are safe for O-rings and as rubber & assembly lubricants. The liquid lanolin products are great penetrants, that work through rust and lubricate the critical and hard to reach parts. Corrosion fatigue in moving parts is a costly and ongoing problem that has a simple and safe solution. Lanotec has light lubricants for general duties around the home and in the workshop, and industrial solutions for chains, wire ropes and moving parts in corrosive environments. With regular use of Lanotec’s products, operational life and performance consistency can be dramatically extended, reducing maintenance and replacement costs whilst providing reliability and safety.